Fcodex Recreates The Technique Of Education
And E-commerce Business

Fcodex aims to chart the world, where standard education is available to all students around the world. We changed the traditional medium of learning into a creative means of education. We believe in developing and digital communities that really pay off!

At Fcodex, we imagine your victory as ours. Whether it be building your online presence from the beginning or maintaining and securing your equity, we highlight the need for change and efficiency. We follow a direction that increases your income and reduces your work effort.

Origins of Fcodex

Fcodex is a journey from modern ideas to a solid reality. In the heart of Baber Mujahid, Fcodex objective is to empower you to grow without any external resources. We value your abilities and empower your skills in the right direction.

Since it started in a tiny room in 2020, Fcodex has become an expanding business model in the United States, USA, Australia, Romania, Pakistan and Canada. We drive recreation through agreement and global education services, with website creation and management solutions. We create an environment of innovation to help you grow professionally and make your business easier to manage and operate.


Core Values

How Fcodex Inspires

Inventive At Heart

core value

We introduced a small glimpse of cyber magic to expand your online experience.

Simplicity Over Anything

core value

We welcome the concept of stress-free online learning and digital business.

Clear Communication

core value

Agile workflow keeps you in control of your project. You can redirect the method to your satisfaction.

Continuous Growth

core value

Our primary job is to work in harmony between you and the business world. So over time, you and us grow together!

our team

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Team members


Baber Mujahid



Hamza Mehmood

Full Stack Developer


Nouman Ul Hassan

Digital Marketer


Haider Ali

Graphic & UI/UX Designer